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Volunteers urgently needed for the Bay Area SMB Resource Portal Project as part of Code For SF


About the Bay Area SMB Resource Portal Project: 

This project is one of many run by volunteers from Code For San Francisco brigade.  The goal of the Bay Area SMB Resource Portal is to build a suite of tools and resources using web technologies for small and medium businesses across the Bay Areas.


Our dedicated team of volunteers built a working site called the Bay Area Relief Portal ( which currently helps small businesses and non-profits easily search for and apply to funding sources (eg. grants & loans). 


Currently we are looking to expand beyond the portal to include other forms of support such as pro bono legal services, educational workshops, funds for individuals/contractors, and hiring resources etc. We are also open to suggestions from the community on how we can improve the platform.

By building the Bay Area SMB Resource Portal we hope to help alleviate some of the negative economic impact faced by small business owners and help communities re-build and thrive.

How Can You Contribute:

WWe are looking for volunteers to help the project in the following ways. Currently we meet remotely (no requirement to do in-person in the future but it will be an option!):


  1. Product/Project Manager - Work with Engineering to prioritize bug fixes and new features and help keep them on track.  We use Trello for our product backlog and git/github for version control and code review

  2. Partnership Coordinator - Seek out and contact potential partners (e g small businesses organizations) on behalf of the project and team.  Partners can help support the project by providing feedback, promoting the site, and adding to our funding sources.

  3. Engineer - Javascript or Typescript engineers with experience building social network profile, search as a service offerings, login / OAuth2 experiences, Next.JS, and Lambdas. CI pipelines, testing experience, and design/UI experience are a major plus.

**The roles above require attending remote weekly hack night meetings 6:30-9:00 pm and typically one other 2-4 hour coding session per week.  We expect about 2-3 months of commitment.**

If you are interested in any of these roles please reach out to us at bayarearelief[at]

Team behind the Area SMB Resource Portal Project

This team is part of Code for San Francisco Civic Tech Volunteer Brigade (, which is a group of volunteers invested in using technology to help the Bay Area thrive.


Rocio Ng - Project Lead.  Rocio has been a project lead at Code for SF for over 4 years and has worked on a number of projects, including the Bay Area Relief Project throughout that time.  She currently works as a Data Scientist at LinkedIn and likes to hike and work on art in her spare time.

Adam Cobb - Engineering Lead.  Adam has worked with Code for SF for 2 years on the Bay Area Relief Portal. He’s currently a Director of Engineering at Kohl’s Technology.








Thanks to our Sponsors:





Family/Friends of Sanat Moningi
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