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About SF Civic Tech

SF Civic Tech was originally founded in 2013 as Code for San Francisco, part of the Code for America Brigade Network. After the sunsetting of the Code for America Brigade Program in 2023, the organization renamed itself to SF Civic Tech in 2024. SF Civic Tech is a member of the Alliance of Civic Technologists.

SF Civic Tech is a group of people, first and foremost. We also call ourselves technologists, planners, designers, doers, thinkers, and activists. Each week, we actively work together to improve the City and County of San Francisco, often using technology to support our efforts. By connecting people, organizations, resources, tools, and networks to build for San Francisco, we will all thrive.


SF Civic Tech is a safe space for experimentation, learning and practicing skills, taking chances, and asking questions, all to affect and encourage positive change. Whenever possible, we proactively reach out to those who are left out, excluded, ignored, or discriminated against. Those people, in our opinion, represent our most desirable source for experiences, knowledge, and thoughts. We fail without their involvement.

Meet the Team

Francis Li.png

Francis Li



John Dunning

Technical Lead


Janice Tam



Robby Taine



Edward Wu




Community Engagement Lead


Code of Conduct

SF Civic Tech is a space for everyone. What does that mean?

  • We value the people here and make everyone feel welcome

  • We make room for all brigade members to engage, discuss, and collaborate

  • We support each other to build a strong civic tech community

  • We respect the boundaries of others


These are not just statements of belief, but principles that we collectively enact. We are dedicated to upholding them, and to ensuring that all members of our community respect them.

The full Code of Conduct is available, with more detailed information about our community principles. You’ll also find our harassment policy, along with information about who to contact if you think the policy has been violated. For other questions about the Code of Conduct, or about our collective, reach out to [email protected].

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